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Implementation of Interaction Being Based Problem Based Learning to Improve the Learning Results and Learner Perceptions
Rahmatil Auly, Mudatsir Mudatsir, Evendi Evendi

Last modified: 2019-08-30


The purpose of this research was to improve the learning results and learner perceptions toward living beings based interaction module problem based learning in MTsN 2 Aceh Jaya. The method used is the pre-experimental design, using one group pretest-posttest and the selection of the sample using the technique of purposive sampling. Data retrieval is performed in May-June 2019, this research was carried out in class VIId. Research using the test instrument in the form of a multiple choice that amount to a 20-question and question form perceptions of learners. Analysis of test data using the N-Gain to see an increase in the results of the study and a T-test to see the testing of hypothesis-based PBL modules implementation. Now the learners perceptions of data analyzed with Likert scale. The results of the analysis module implementation research shows the interaction of living things-based PBL can improve learning outcomes learner and learner perceptions toward the implementation of modules interaction living creatures belong to a category either.