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Nutrient content of N, P, K in Andisol soil and arabica coffee leaves in the Bener Meriah regency, Indonesia
Hifnalisa Hifnalisa, Abubakar Karim, Yulia Dewi Fazlina, Manfarizah Manfarizah, Yadi Jufri, T. Sabrina

Last modified: 2021-09-06


Bener Meriah Regency is one of the Arabica coffee-manufacturing areas in Indonesia. Generally, a significant percentage of Arabica coffees are grown in Andisols. This research aims to determine the nutrient content of N, P, K in Andisol and Arabica coffee leaves in the Bener Meriah regency. Data were collected from a 10-year-old arabica coffee tree planted on Andisol soil located at an altitude of 1200-1400 m above sea levelĀ  in five classes with different slopes, using the survey method and analyzed descriptively. The results showed that Andisol Bener Meriah had a total N content ranging from 0.09-0.51% . The P-available ranged from 0.3-12.81 mg/kg and P-total content of 159.4-1246.7 mg/kg. The K-exchangeable content ranged from 0.17-0.52 cmol kg-1. Arabica coffee leaves contain N nutrients ranging from 0.85%-3.00%. The P content ranged from 0.10%-0.23%. Meanwhile, the K content ranged from 1.55%-2.33%. Furthermore, there is a close relationship between N-total soil and the N-nutrient, P-available soil and P-nutrient, and K-exchangeable soil with K nutrient contents of Arabica coffee leaves with r values of 0.78, 0.97, and 0.68, respectively.


Soil nutrient, Andisol, Arabica coffee