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Optimation of benzyl amino purines (BAP) concentration and medium type on the induction of banana shoots (Musa acuminata Colla.) cv. Barangan Merah under in vitro condition
Mita Setyowati

Last modified: 2021-10-29


The use of optimum concentration of BAP and the right medium type can support shoot induction in banana weevil explant of cv.Barangan Merah. The Research was conducted at the laboratory of tissue culture, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Syiah Kuala. This research used a completely randomized 3x3 factorial design. The first factor was BAP concentration at three levels of concentration, i.e 0; 3 and 6 mg.L-1. The second factor was medium type at three levels, i.e solid, solid liquid dan liquid. The results showed that the BAP treatment of 3 mg/l showed the most response to the number of open midribs compared to other BAP treatments. The type of solid MS medium tends better for shoot induction than other types of medium. The contamination that occurred was 13.9% of the 72 explants planted. The contamination was caused by Mucor and Penicillium fungi. The bacteria that caused the contamination were Gram positive bacteria (coccus) and Gram negative bacteria (coccus and bacilli).


BAP, medium type, Barangan Merah, in vitro