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Factors Affecting The Decision Of Potato Farmers In Adopting Superior Seeds In Bener Meriah District
rahmaddiansyah -

Last modified: 2021-10-08


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L) is one of the horticultural commodities that have the most opportunity for the development of agribusiness and agro-industry. One of the problems the use of high quality seeds as well as a touch of appropriate technology are still far from the reach of farmers. This is caused by potato farmers still use potato seeds from previous productions because they have not mastered the method of fertilization existing waste and seed sources on the market are still difficult to obtain. This study performed was to determine the factors that influence the decision of potato farmers in adopting superior seeds for potato commodities in Bener Meriah. Based on the results the variables of age, education level, length of farming, land area and number of dependents had no significant effect on adopting superior seeds for potato commodity in Bener Meriah. While variables of access to capital credit and farmer participation have a significant effect in adopting superior seeds for potato commodity in Bener Meriah.


Potato; superior seed; capital credit ; farmer participation