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The effect of administering synbiotic in water or as a feed supplement on Indonesian duck performance and nutrient digestibility
Istna - Mangisah

Last modified: 2021-09-05


This research aimed to investigate the effect of administering symbiotic (a mixture of Lactobacillus casei and porang tuber extracts (LCPE) in water or as feed supplemet on  performance and nutrient digestibility of Tegal duck. A total of 240 of 3-weeks-old male Tegal duck were allotted to 2 group trial. Treatment in trial I : 3 dietary treatments LCPE in feed, i.e. LCPE0: Basal feed; LCPE1: basal feed + 10 ml LCPE/kg feed, LCPE2: basal feed + 20ml LCP/kg feed.  Treatment in trial II : 3 treatments LCPE in water, i.e. LCPE0: Basal feed; LCPE1: basal feed + 10 ml LCPE/L water, LCPE2: basal feed + 20ml LCP/L water.  The observed variables included growth performance and nutrient digestibility. The mixture of Lactobacillus casei and glucomannan from porang tuber extract improved nutrient digestibility and duck performance. The conclusion was the addition of LCPE 20 ml/L through water drinking resulted in the best performance of the ducks by improving the nutrients digestibility


duck, performance, nutrient digestibility, synbiotic