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Embryo development of hatching eggs of superior local broiler (ALPU) with Arab native chickens (Kamaras)
Allaily Tarman, Muhammad Azim, Muhammad Agus Nashri Abdullah, Muhammad Aman Yaman

Last modified: 2021-10-07


Efforts to improve the quality of local chickens, especially free-range chickens, are carried out by improving genetic traits, namely through a strict selection method to produce broilers with the name of Superior Local Broilers (ALPU) and laying purposes with Arab Kampung Chickens (Kamaras). This study was conducted to obtain information on the comparison of ALPU and Kamaras embryo development for genetic improvement as the basis for further research. This study used 105 ALPU hatching eggs and 105 Kamaras hatching eggs, the observations were carried out for 21 days. Eggs were collected for 7 days and then put into the incubator, then observed every day by breaking each 5 ALPU and Kamaras eggs to see 7 parameters of embryo development in the form of: body weight, body length, head circumference, neck length, beak length , wing length and leg length. The results showed that there was no significant developmental difference between ALPU and Kamaras embryos. However, the embryo weight and beak length of Kamaras tended to be larger than those of ALPU, while the head circumference and wing length of ALPU tended to be larger than that of Kamaras. In conclusion, the embryonic development between ALPU and Kamaras showed relatively similar embryo development during the hatching period.


ALPU, chickens, embryonic, Kamaras, period