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Effects of Acetate buffer on cellulose production by Acetobacter xylinum 0416 in static culture
Mohd Nazarudin Zakaria

Last modified: 2021-09-14


Bacterial cellulose (BC) pellicle produced from fermentation process of Acetobacter xylinum has many advantages such as high water holding capacity, high porosity and high purity compared to plant cellulose. However, one of the BC application problems in industry is its low biomass and bio-cellulose productivity. The significant decrease of BC production can be effected by the reduction of pH culture due to production of by-product, gluconic acid during the static fermentation process. Hence, by maintaining the pH of a static cultivation for BC pellicle could effectively improve the production of BC pellicle. Bio-cellulose dry weight reached highest within 5.66 g/L under Acetate buffer medium whereas obtained BC dry weight in Control and Hestrin and Schramm (HS) fermentation media is 2.72 and 2.56 g/L respectively. It can be concluded the acetate buffered medium can effectively improve BC pellicle production in a static fermentation process.


Bacterial cellulose; acetobacter xylinum; cellulose