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Communication Network on Indonesian Forest Fires on Twitter in Pandemic COVID-19 Era
Muslikhin Muslikhin, Lidya Wati Evelina, Mariko Rizkiansyah, Indra Prawira, Rahmat Edi Irawan

Last modified: 2021-10-06


The study aims to reveal the communication network on Twitter about forest fires in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The theory used in this research is communication networking. The analysis technique uses Social Networking Analysis or SNA. Conversation data on Twitter is pulled through emprit drones by entering keywords fire, forest and land.The research findings show; Conversation volume was 617 conversations, with five actors mentioning the most, namely @ VICE-ID, BBCIndonesia, @totoroeksib, @GoldenMiru and @ari_trismana with 16 conversations. Of the 617 conversations, 243 had negative sentiments, 368 had positive sentiments and 6 were neutral. The five words that appear the most in the discussion of forest and land fires are forest (with a small h) 459 times, land 147 times, forest (with large H) 80 times, disaster 60 times, smoke 56 times. During the 10 days of talking, there were 67 hashtags, with the top five being #hijabbugil, #eksibisionis and # exhibition with 27 mentions. Next was # Prevented Karhutla with 16 mentions, 13 mentions #KoperasiPerkuatPertuangan.


COVID-19; communication network; forest fires; conversation; twitter