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analysis of farmers’ perceptions of the rice farming business insurance (autp) program in landak regency
Ellyta Ellyta, Ekawati Ekawati, Rahmatullah Rizieq

Last modified: 2021-09-30


Farmers in Landak Regency more frequently face uncertainty and risk of rice farming failure. Therefore, a program that can protect the farmers from the risk is required. Rice Farming Business Insurance (AUTP) is an alternative to overcome the risk of loss due to crop failures. The limited information and knowledge of farmers regarding the AUTP have led to different perceptions among farmers and have affected the farmers’ enthusiasm to become the insurance participants. This research aimed to analyze the farmers’ perceptions of the AUTP program and its implementation mechanisms in Sengah Temila Subdistrict, Landak Regency. A descriptive method with Likert scale was used to analyze the farmers’ perceptions. The research results show that the farmers’ perceptions are at high category with the total score of 3048, indicating that they agree with the AUTP; the highest indicator (195) was that the program objective is protecting the farmers from crop failures, and the lowest indicator (153) was that the program gets success when the farmers agree to pay the insurance premium fully. In general the implementation of the AUTP in Landak Regency was in accordance with the 2018 AUTP Premium Assistance Guidelines.


Rice Farming Business Insurance, farmers’ perceptions, Likert scale