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Identifying of unripe ambon and hijau banana fruits using computer vision and extreme learning machine classifier
Candra Dewi, Endang Arisoesilaningsih, Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, Solimun Solimun

Last modified: 2021-08-29


The unripe Indonesian cultivar bananas of ambon kuning (Ambon) and ambon hijau (Hijau) after harvesting show a very close looking, green color, similar size and shape, even Ambon one is costly than the Hijau. Hence in this study, identification was conducted using computer vision utilizing banana finger image taken with a mobile phone camera. The feature used as a differentiating feature is the shape feature and the skin texture feature of the fruit. The shape features were then extracted using morphological descriptor and convex hull, while the texture features were extracted using local binary pattern (LBP). The extreme learning machine (ELM) classifier was used to recognize both cultivars. A total of 76 banana finger imagery data were used in 3-fold testing. The test results showed that the combined use of shape and LBP features resulted in the highest accuracy, precision and recall values more than 93%. These results showed that the combination of the two features can effectively be used to distinguish the unripe Ambon and Hijau bananas.


unripe banana fruit; shape feature; texture feature; computer vision; ELM