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Exploration of Aceh traditional food: Chemical Quality Characterization of Asam sunti in Banda Aceh City Market
murna muzaifa

Last modified: 2021-09-05


As a result of its diverse culture and nature, Indonesia is rich in traditional cuisine. In Aceh province, located in the western part of Indonesia, there is a special condiment known as asam sunti, made of fermented bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi L.). Asam sunti is used as a spice to give a sour taste and specific aroma in Acehnese cuisine. Although asam sunti is widely used by the people in Aceh, but until now there is no standard quality that shows the quality of asam sunti. The quality of asam sunti products that existing on the market is very diverse, especially in color and texture. This study aims to analyze the chemical quality of asam sunti obtained from several markets in the city of Banda Aceh. Samples were obtained from 5 markets, namely Gampong Baroe, Peunayong, Seutui, Ulee Kareng and Gampong Peuniti Market. Chemical parameters analyzed were moisture content, ash content, salt content and titrated acid content. The result shows that asam sunti in Banda Aceh city market has diverse chemical characteristic with moisture content range 21.38%-33.8% with average 29.48%, ash content 0.13%-0.45% with average 0.27%, salt content 6.11%-18.34% with average 8.15% and titrated acid content 7.5%-14.5% with average 11%. This chemical data needs to be correlated in further research with the level of consumer preference through descriptive and hedonic sensory tests so that later a complete asam sunti quality character can be obtained and can be made into a standard that is practically and scientifically acceptable.


aceh, asam sunti, averrhoa bilimbi, fermentation