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Growth and Yields of Two Varieties of Maize (Zea mays L.) Intercropped with Peanut (Arachys hypogaea L.) Treated By Bokashi Plus Fertilizer Under Teak Trees Based Agroforestry System
La Karimuna, La Karimuna, Halim Halim, Azhar Ansi, Wa Ode Ernawati Marfi, La Ode Hasanuddin

Last modified: 2021-10-23


The main objective of this paper was to analyze the effects of bokashi plus fertilizer on the growth and yields of two varieties of maize intercropped with peanut under three years old stands of teak trees in agroforestry system in Pentiro village, Napabalano district, Muna regency. The research was arranged in randomized completely block design (RCBD) in factorial pattern with two factors.  The first factor was maize varieties with two levels, i.e., local maize (V1) and hybrid corn bisi-2 (V2).  The second factor was various doses of bokashi plus fertilizer with four levels, i.e. without bokashi plus fertilizer (B0), bokashi fertilizer plus 3 t ha-1 (B1), bokashi fertilizer plus 6 t ha-1 (B2) and bokashi fertilizer plus 9 t ha-1 (B3). From two factors, there were eight combinations. Each combination was repeated four times so that there were 32 experimental units in all. Maize growth components recorded were plant height, number of leaves, stem diameter and leaf area at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks after planting (WAP) and the yields of maize crop recorded were cob weight with cornhusk, cob weight without cornhusk, cob length, diameter, number of row, 100 seeds dry weight, dry weight of biomass, yield per ha and LER. All recorded variables were analyzed using analyses of variances (ANOVA), and if significant, followed by Honestly Significant Difference (HSD) with 95 percent confidence level. The results of research showed that the interaction between variety of maize and various doses of bokashi plus fertilizer application had a significant effect on the growth and yield of maize intercropped with peanut under three years of teak trees in agroforestry system.  The application of various doses of bokashi plus fertilizer and variety of maize gave a significant influence on maize growth and yield components intercropped with peanut planted between the rows of three years of teak tree plantation in agroforestry system. The best effects of maize growth and yield were obtained at the doses of 9 t ha-1 (P3). The highest yield of local maize and hybrid maize was amounted to 4,69 and 5,79 t ha-1, respectively


bokashi_plus_fertilizer1; Intercropping2; Maize3; Pentiro4; Sustainable_Agroforestry5