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Genotype and phenotype variability of BC1F1 progenies from Backcross of C3 and Koshihikari
Rizka Musfirah

Last modified: 2021-10-08


Rice is the staple food of more than half of the world's human population. The Cantik Manis variety, which originated in the Tangse area and it has been crossed with the introduced Chinese rice variety the Yin Zhan, is one of the local rice varieties that has the potential to be improved. Various efforts must be made to improve the characteristics and productivity of rice. The strategi that can be used to decrease harvesting period of this rice line is to cross it with the Koshihikari to insert the sd-1 gene or other semidwarf genes. Although C3 line has been improved, this variety still has lifespan for about ± 135 days. To get the lifespan of this variety shorter and increase its yield potential, it could be conducted by crossing the C3 and Koshihikari. The research was conducted to analyze the existing of sd-1 gen and phenotype performance at their progenies specially in BC1F1. Molecular analysis showed that there were 12 there were 11 plant from 12 plants of BC1F1 C3/Kh inherit sd-1 gene (91.7%). genotype T10 showed that of the 12 plants analyzed 11 (91.7%) that inherited the sd-1 gene from BC1F1 C3/Kh did not inherit the gene. sd-1, namely in T8.4 plants.