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Yield components of the M7 Kipas Putih mutants soybean
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Last modified: 2021-10-04


This study aimed to obtain the homogeny of M8 soybean lines in an effort to release new high yielding varieties. The research was conducted in Lamsidaya village, Aceh Besar from March to October 2020. The observation of yield components was carried out at the Plant Breeding Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Syiah Kuala University. This study did not use an experimental design, so that the quantitative characters were observed individually from each plant, then analyzed by estimating the broad meaning heritability value and the progress of selection. Parameters observed included plant height, flowering age, harvest age, number of productive branches, total number of pods per plant, number of filled pods per plant, percentage of filled pods per plant, seed weight per plant, weight of 100 seeds, seed weight per plot, yield potential. All quantitative characters indicated  increase on selection except for the character of plant height, percentage of filled pods and weight of 100 seeds because the heritability value was low.The B18 line has the potential to become a new high yielding variety because it has a high yield potential (2.04 tons ha-1) with a large seed size compared to the other seven mutant lines and is also higher than the elder Kipas Putih and var Dega 1 varieties.


breeding, heritability, seed size, selection progress