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Analysis of water pollution index around gold mining in the downstream of Krueng Kluet Sub-watershed
Hairul Basri

Last modified: 2021-09-18


Water is one of the primary needs of human life. With the increase in population, the need for water continues to increase. The declining water quality caused by human activities is one of the world's concerns. This study examines the status of river water quality in the gold mining area in the Krueng Kluet downstream sub-watershed. The method of analysis according to the Decree of the Minister of Environment Number 115 Year 2003 regarding the use of class I water according to GR Number 82 Year 2001 is used to determine the water pollution index. The results show that river water in the study area is in the category that is not polluted or fulfills water quality standards for drinking water use and daily needs.


Water pollution index; heavy metals; water quality