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Optimized Utilization of Scad fish (Decapterus spp.) Resource in Northern Coast of Aceh
Sofyan Sofyan, M. Dhiya Farhan, Litna Nurjannah Ginting

Last modified: 2021-10-23


For 10 years, the Scad fish production in the Northern Coast of Aceh has been increasing rapidly at 172.5% or 17.25% in each year. This condition describes that the Scad fish resource exploitation has been quite high as improper management will cause the Scad fish resource to encounter overfishing. This study aimed to analyze status or Scad fish resource utilization level and recommend a management strategy to achieve an optimized Scad fish resource utilization in the Northern Coast of Aceh. This study was performed in the Ocean Catching Port (PPS), Kutaraja, Banda Aceh. The study results demonstrate that the Scad fish resource utilization status in the Northern Coast of Aceh encounters biological and economical overfishing based on the catching product value and total actual catching effort comparation. The actual utilization did not still lead to MSY and MEY management, which can be said that the Scad fish resource remains unutilized optimally. The Scad fish resource management strategy can be aimed for MSY and MEY condition through input control and output control by establishing the total allowed catching product (JTB) and catching quota.


Gordon-Scheafer model; overfishing; scad fish