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Utilization of Areca nut (Arecha chatechu L.) extract for tannin based colorimetric indicator in smart packaging
Nova Rahmi Yanti, Muhammad Andika, Siti Maulida, Riani Riani, Ismail Sulaiman, Novia Mehra Erfiza

Last modified: 2021-10-08


Areca nut contain tannin which has a great potencial to apply as natural color agent in food industries. Tannin offers specific color and alter its color due to environmental sensitivity. Objectives of this study were to synthesize strip-type colorimetric indicators from areca nut extract and characterize the indicators at various pH and under different storage conditions. In this study, the tannin extract from areca seed powder was used to fabricate colorimetric indicator for smart packaging. The indicator was synthesized using filter paper (No.1 and No.42) soaked in a solution with 1, 3, and 5% areca nut ethanolic extract. Then the indicators were stored at room and low temperature (4-7oC) for 10 days, then their Red Green Blue (RGB) coefficient values were measured. Furthermore, characterization of the indicators in pH solution at pH 3-10 were also determined by RGB coefficient value. The results showed that tannin-based colorimetric indicator using paper No.1 was darker than the indicator of paper No.42 at the same level concentrations of tannin extract and higher concentration of tannin extract addition resulting in lower RGB coefficient darker color of the indicator. The indicator had more steady RGB coefficient value during storage at 4-7oC than at room temperature. The indicator using Whatman paper No.42 with 1% of extract concentration steadily decreased its RGB coefficient and changed its color to darker in pH solution while the indicator with other treatments had unstable alteration RGB coefficient and color.


areca nut, tanni, indicator, smart packaging