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Early determination of fetal sex in goat a comparison between real time PCR and ultrasonography
khalid M KARAM

Last modified: 2021-09-02


The point of the current study is to assess the productivity of the real time PCR and ultrasound techniques in early determination of fetal sex in Iraqi singleton pregnant goats. Our investigation has been led in Iraq, Al-Diwanya city from 10/8/2020 – 15/1/2021. The examination incorporates 45 singleton pregnant Iraqi goats, which initially inspected by ultrasound to affirm pregnancy and to decide the fetal sex depending on the restriction of the genital tubercle of the goat fetuses, after that, blood specimens had been gathered from the jugular vein of all examined does to detect fetal sex by discovery of AMLX and SRY genes in the circling cells free fetal DNA (ccffDNA) in these maternal blood specimens by utilizing real time PCR. Our outcomes showed an exceptionally high level of accuracy in real time PCR in contrast with the ultrasound strategy. The outcomes were affirmed by the true fetal sex after parturition in the inspected does. The complete symptomatic rate were 51.11% (23/45) and 97.78% (44/45) for ultrasound and PCR strategies separately. The exactness level of genuine analyzed female and male caprine kidding were 58.33% (7/12), 48.48% (16/33), and 100% (12/12), 96.97% (32/33) for ultrasound and real time PCR techniques separately. While the exactness rates of the two techniques utilized in this investigation for early caprine fetal sexing in respect to early pregnancies periods analyzed uncovered 100% (13/13), 96.3% (26/27), 100% (5/5), and 61.54% (8/13), 40.74% (11/27), 80% (4/5) in early pregnancy periods (58-62, 63-67, 68-73) days for real time PCR and ultrasound strategies individually. In conclusion our outcomes revealed a huge predominant exactness and productivity in fetal sexing in Iraqi singleton pregnant does in early development periods, with very high accuracy in real time PCR in compare to ultrasound techniques


Goats, singleton, fetal sex, early determination