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Analysis the agronomic character and inheritance of fragrant genes in F2 progenies of Sigupai and Yinzhan
Muhammad Jalil

Last modified: 2021-10-28


Sigupai is one of Aceh's local rice that highly popular because of the distinctive scent. Sigupai is still widely grown by the farmers in the southern western region of Aceh. However, this local rice has inferior production, height plant architecture, deep age and the average of production about 4 tons ha-1 .The improvement of Sigupai local rice from the agronomic character and the harvest age can be done through crosses with Yinzhan varieties that carry sd-1 genes. The study aims to analyze changes in agronomic character and fragrant gene inheritance in Sigupai/Yinzhan F2 derived. Analysis of agronomic character is carried out by observing harvest age, plant height, weight of 1000 grains, grain weight per clump and yield potential per hectare. The planting material used was F2 derivative of Sigupai/Yinzhan as many as 104 individuals planted in pots. PCR analysis was conducted to analyze the presence of fragrant genes in F2 progenies of Sg/Yz. The data was analyzed with Chi-Square analysis. The results showed 104 plant genotypes analyzed by PCR, 64.42% of F2 progenies Sigupai/Yinzhan inherited the fragrant gene. The results of analysis of agronomic character showed 62 genotypes there were 95.08% of ripening aged, 59.01% had a short stem architecture and 6 genotypes (9.83%) had a potential yield of 4,04,-5,33 tons ha-1


Molecular analysis, Fragrant gene, semidwarf gen, local rice, agronomic character