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The shelf life of kawista fruit salad (rujak) dressing using accelerated shelf life testing (ASLT) method
Masrura Masrura Hayati

Last modified: 2021-10-06


Kawista fruit salad (rujak) dressing is one of the typical Indonesian dressings made from palm sugar, tamarind, chili, nuts and the addition of special fruits such as kawista fruit to add flavor. So far, there is no information about how long it will be stored for kawista rujak dressing. The objective of this study was to determine the shelf life of the kawista rujak dressing by using the ASLT method. The kawista rujak dressing was stored at temperatures of 29oC, 40oC, and 50oC with a storage time of 21 days and analysed every 7 days. The analytical methods used to support the ASLT method are TBA, moisture content, FFA, total soluble solids and pH. The result is TBA value 0.046-0.19 mg malonaldehid/kg, moisture content 16.68-20%, FFA 0.66-0.80%, total soluble solid 17,9-21.1oBrix, pH 3,1-3.5.


self life; TBA; salad dressing, moisture content, FFA