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Morphological Variation of Aceh Pinus (Pinus merkusii)
Rita Andini

Last modified: 2021-10-28


The genus Pinus is classified as one of the most widely distributed genera of conifer trees that are majorly distributed in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Pinus merkusii is the only member of genus Pinus that is adapted in the tropics and grows naturally in south Equator. Its natural distribution found in Southeast Asia, including on the Sumatran island, Indonesia. Three native strains are known on Sumatra: Aceh, Kerinci, and Tapanuli; with the first is the largest population among the three and grows naturally on the high altitudes. The wood has been utilized in building construction, while the resin collected is highly valued in the industries and classified as one of Non Timber Forest Products worth up to US $ 50 million/ year. Pinus trees have been logged and demanded as fire woods in the distillation process of citron grass (Cymbopogon sp.). Planting of citron grass has been ’booming’ over the past seven years due to its attractive selling price. Citron grass’ plantation has been threatening directly the existence of Pinus forests. Therefore, in-situ conservation effort should be started from now on. Here, we would like to report the morphological variation (N= 15 traits) of natural Pinus (e.g. plant height, diameter of  main stem, number of crown per branch, etc.). The morphological data collected were then analysed with the Principal Component Analyses (PCA), in order to cluster the major agronomical parameters among them. This morphological data would be complemented and benefitted the efforts in the genetic study of Aceh Pinus.


diversity, altitudes, Middle Aceh