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Increased Levels of Fiber and Mineral (Fe, Ca and K) in Chicken Balls Added Pitaya Peel and Oyster Mushroom
Latifahtur Rahmah, Nurul Azizah Choiriyah

Last modified: 2021-10-06


The removal of the peel on fruits pitaya is a common step in food processing production for reasons of aesthetics and hygiene. One way to recycle pitaya peel is to make chicken balls. Chicken balls in Indonesia, it's called bakso are processed products of ground chicken mixed with flour and spices and other mashed ingredients, then formed into balls and then boiled until cooked. Chicken balls contain mostly animal ingredients, so the quality needs to be improved by adding vegetable ingredients. The addition of vegetable ingredients is intended to increase the content of dietary fiber. The fruit fibers used in this study were dragon fruit peel and vegetable ingredients is oyster mushrooms. The results of the research on chicken balls with pitaya peel and oyster mushrooms are the higher concentration of pitaya peel gives the higher SDF, IDF, and TDF content. This indicates that dragon fruit peel has higher levels of SDF, IDF, and TDF than oyster mushrooms. The addition of dragon fruit skin and oyster mushrooms causes an increase in iron and calcium mineral levels in chicken ball products. But oyster mushrooms contribute more to the increase in these minerals. With these nutritious chicken balls, dragon fruit skin can be processed to become food that has economic value. Therefore, pitaya fruit peel and oyster mushrooms can be used as a good ingredient in the formulation of food products that are beneficial for health, namely chicken balls.


Chicken balls, pitaya peel, oyster mushroom.