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Application of color, shape, and texture parameters for classifying the defect of Gayo Arabica green coffee bean using computer vision
Indera Sakti Nasution, Azkia Maghfirah

Last modified: 2021-10-02


Coffee is the most important commodity in the trading industry. Determination of the quality of coffee is still done manually so that it cannot separate good quality coffee beans with bad quality coffee beans. This research conducted the development of a visual-based intelligent system using computer vision to be able to classify the quality of rice coffee based on the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). The models used in the study are the K-Nearest Neighbour (K-NN) method and the Support Vector Machine (SVM) method with 13 parameters used such as; area, contrast, energy, correlation, homogeneity, circularity, perimeter, and color index R(red), G (green), B (blue), L*, a* and b*. A total of 1200 Arabica green coffee bean captured using Kinect V2 camera with training data of 1000 samples and testing data of 200 samples.