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Study of C/N ratio of organic materials and its application in the production of natural fertilizer (bokashi)
Fauzan Fauzan, Muhammad Fadhil, Irfan Irfan, Dewi Yunita, Cut Erika, Rabya A Lahmer

Last modified: 2021-10-23


Bokashi is an organic fertilizer made from organic materials through fermentation. High quality of bokashi should have a 10-20 of C/N ratio. However, many studies have shown that the C/N ratio of the produced bokashi were up to 70. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to gather the initial C/N ratio of various raw material from previous published studies, calculate the C/N ratio of the bokashi as the final product, and examine the descriptive characteristic (color, aroma, and texture) of bokashi made from three selected C/N ratios (30, 70, and 110) and various length of fermentation (10, 17, and 24 days).  Therefore, this research combined literature reviews and laboratory experimental. For laboratory experimental, Complete Randomise Design (CRD) was applied. The results showed that all bokashi with the C/N ratio up to 70 was acceptable to be directly applied as a fertilizer. Also, the longer bokashi fermentation, the better bokashi organoleptic characteristics. These bokashi can produce a brownish black color, earthy aroma and loose texture.