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Sustainable Agriculture

Traditional and Current-Prospective Methods of Plant Diseases Detection. A Review
Albert Akhmedovich Khakimov, Ilkhom Salakhutdinov, Alisher Urazalievich Omonlikov, Samad Bobomurod ugli Utaganov
Growth responses of maize-soybean intercropping system and its potential for cattle feed in Bali
Anella Retna Kumala Sari, Rachmad Dharmawan
Growth and Yields of Two Varieties of Maize (Zea mays L.) Intercropped with Peanut (Arachys hypogaea L.) Treated By Bokashi Plus Fertilizer Under Teak Trees Based Agroforestry System
La Karimuna, La Karimuna, Halim Halim, Azhar Ansi, Wa Ode Ernawati Marfi, La Ode Hasanuddin
The factors that influence the financial behavior of arabica coffee farmers in Aceh Tengah Regency
Akhmad Baihaqi, Suyanti Kasimin, Riski Ardila Putri
Seaweed extract effect on arbuscular mycorrhizae spore in soil engineered by earthworm, and the soil effect on upland rice growth
Laode Muhammad Harjoni Kilowasid

Agricultural Biotechnology

Genetic variance and heritability estimation of hybridized pepper plants (Capsicum annuum L.) F2 progeny for begomovirus resistance in growth stage
Elly Kesumawati

Biomaterial and Bioindustry

Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Calotropis gigantea and its characterization using UV-Vis Spectroscopy
Pati Kemala, Khairan Khairan, Trina Ekawati Tallei, Muliadi Ramli, Rustam Efendi, Rinaldi Idroes

Soil and Earth Science

Distribution of organic carbon in ultisol soils with citronella and pine vegetation, at Gayo Highlands, Aceh
Abubakar Karim, Hifnalisa Hifnalisa, Yadi Jufri, Yulia Dewi Fazlina, Megawati Megawati
Nutrient content of N, P, K in Andisol soil and arabica coffee leaves in the Bener Meriah regency, Indonesia
Hifnalisa Hifnalisa, Abubakar Karim, Yulia Dewi Fazlina, Manfarizah Manfarizah, Yadi Jufri, T. Sabrina

Animal Husbandry

N-Acetyl Cysteine Effect on Hyperlipidemia Induced Testicular Damage in Pre mature Rats
khalid M KARAM, Ahmed Saed Alebady, Khalil Gazar Chelab Al-Nailey
Early determination of fetal sex in goat a comparison between real time PCR and ultrasonography
khalid M KARAM
Smallholder Bali Cattle fattening in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: enterprise budgeting analysis
Tri Anggraeni Kusumastuti, Bambang Suwignyo, Indra wirawan

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