USK Conferences, International Conference On Patchouli and Essential Oil Research Innovation 2023 (IConPEORI-2023)

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Positioning Analysis of Atsiri-based Derivative Products using Multidimensional Scaling for Product and Market Sustainability
Muhammad Fikri, Friesca Erwan, Sarika Zuhri, Didi Asmadi, Raihan Dara Lufika, Ernawati Ernawati

Last modified: 2023-10-10


The development of essential oil products has a very important role in the process of increasing the economic added value of the product. Currently, there are various types of essential oil derivative products, especially patchouli oil, which were developed by the Atsiri Research Center at the University of Syiah Kuala (ARC USK) through technological research and product innovation. The products are then commercialized by the Koperasi Inovasi Nilam Aceh (Inovac) and also transferred to the community so as to encourage the establishment of new small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the sector of patchouli oil derivative products. However, the many types of products that have been developed and transferred by ARC USK have made essential oil SMEs confused in determining which product has the most potential to meet consumer needs and preferences. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the positioning of essential oil derivative products according to consumer preferences so as to encourage production and sales sustainability. This study uses the factor analysis method using SPSS to determine the most influential factors in the sale of essential oil derivative products and the Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) method to determine the position of essential oil derivative products according to consumer desires based on perceptual maps. The results of the study show that perfume, aromatherapy, body mist, and anti-aging serum products are located in quadrant I, which means that they have potential market and consumers demand. The factors which affect the product sale based on consumer preferences are product features, durability, suitability, characteristics, visual appeal, and practical appeal. Paying attention to these factors will allow SMEs to maintain the sustainability of the essential oil derivative products they sell in the market.


essential oil derivative products, patchouli oil derivative products, factor analysis, Multidimensional Scaling (MDS), SPSS