USK Conferences, International Conference On Patchouli and Essential Oil Research Innovation 2023 (IConPEORI-2023)

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Syaifullah Muhammad, Indra Indra, Elly Sufriadi, Ernawati Ernawati, Suraiya Suraiya, Friesca Erwan, Marwan Marwan

Last modified: 2023-10-17


Aceh patchouli industry problems are distributed in 4 subsystems, namely the upstream off farm, on-farm, downstream and  supporting subsystem. The presence of Atsiri Research Center (ARC), Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) on December 8, 2016 is the answer from USK to overcome various problems faced by the Aceh patchouli industry. In the last 6 years, ARC has developed various innovations based on research, science and technology. Some of the innovations that have been carried out include the development of superior seeds through the breeding of superior patchouli seedlings and tissue culture, the development of biopestides, organic fertilizers, modern cultivation systems with fertigation (fertilization and irrigation) system on permanent land (permaculture), harvesting and post-harvest handling through drying technology and raw material preparation, boiler innovation and refining technology, fuel innovation, waste utilization, development of purification technology (molecular distillation and fractionation) into hi-grade and crystal patchouli, to the development of various derivative products such as perfumes, lotions, body butter, antiaging serum, car fragrance, medicated oil, soap, hand sanitizers,  disinfectants and others. The penta helix synergy between universities, government, business, society and media has proven to provide great breakout power for the progress of the patchouli industry in Aceh. With this approach, hundreds of farmers, refiners, cooperatives, MSMEs, young people have been trained with various training and mentoring programs so that patchouli based upstream-downstream businesses can become a people's economic movement that has great potential for employment, poverty reduction and of course increasing exports that have an impact on the national economy. In 2019, ARC-PUIPT Nilam Aceh, Syiah Kuala University, succeeded in initiating Koperasi Inovasi Nilam Aceh (Inovac Cooperative). Inovac is the business unit of ARC which is professionally managed and commercializes patchouli based products from ARC's research and innovation. The success of Inovac was continued by the establishment of another business unit, namely PT. U-Green Aromatics International and PT. Biona Ceudah Rupa. Furthermore, the Indonesia and Aceh Government have begun to intervene to support patchouli development. The Agriculture Office, Industry Office, Aceh Cooperative Office and several related ministries such as Bappenas, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Cooperatives and Ministry of Tourism have created several programs for the upstream-downstream development of patchouli. The emergence of a new ecosystem (blue ocean) from Aceh's patchouli trading system has caused stability in the price of patchouli oil for the people. Today, people can be assured of a reasonable price for every drop of patchouli oil they produce. This price stability has led to an increase in patchouli production in Aceh and the development of MSMEs for patchouli derivative products. With the innovation of science and technology, Aceh's patchouli new roads have been opened and developed so that people's welfare can improve.


new ecosystem, patchouli oil ecosystem, patchouli industry, penta helix, Koperasi Inovac