USK Conferences, Roundtable for Indonesian Entrepreneurship Educators 2018

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Factor Analysis of the Creditworthiness of an Indonesian Peer-to-Peer Lending
M Akhsanur Rofi, Arghasa Rezaprasga

Last modified: 2018-09-01


The situation has been difficult for peer-to-peer lending to be widely accepted by the public if the risk for loan default is high. The paper will seek to explore what factors might influence loan creditworthiness in Indonesian P2P lending. It will examine the 5C credit model, regression analysis, business model canvas, industry analysis and how it pairs up with an unconventional financing method such as P2P lending. Primary research using interview and case study is conducted, with XYZ Indonesian lending platform as research focus. The result will be beneficial to develop P2P platform as well SMEs development in Indonesia.


P2P lending; 5C credit model; creditworthiness