USK Conferences, The 1st Syiah Kuala International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

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Neglected Tuberculosis in Pregnancy, What Should We Do?
Mohd. Andalas, Rizka Aditya

Last modified: 2017-07-13


Tuberculosis is a global problem infectious disease, especially in developed country and Indonesia is a one of high burden country TB. We managed two cases TB in four months, both cases are referred from district hospital and describe pregnancy outcomes in patient with tuberculosis. The first case described about TB sequel affected mother and baby. Patient had been infected by M. tuberculosis 4 years ago and already had TB treatment but she still had a signs and symptoms TB and the condition had been worse when she got pregnant, and she delivered low birth weight baby. The second case showed how TB can killed both mother and baby indirectly. Patient had been infected by M. tuberculosis before she got pregnant, and her family decided to stop TB drug because afraid of the effect of TB drugs to her pregnancy. Her condition became worsen and she became unconsciousness. TB infection showed varied results maternal and neonatal morbidity. The prognosis depends on the complication of TB and treatment compliance. Untreated TB in pregnancy lead mortality in both mother and baby. It requires support and attention from health care, society, and government

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