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The 2nd Syiah Kuala International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences 2018

Hermes Palace Hotel
Jl. T. Panglima Nyak Makam, Lambhuk, Ulee Kareng, Lambhuk Ulee Kareng, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23117
Phone: +62 651 7555888
Banda Aceh, ID

September 7, 2018 – September 8, 2018

Background Message

Tropical Diseases are responsible for millions of death, especially in the Tropical regions of the World and one-sixth of the world population is infected with Neglected Tropical Diseases and additional two billion are at risk. Many of the major tropical disease includes Dengue fever, Malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, and many other. These diseases mainly are spread in the region of Africa, Asia and western pacific. Various means for the spread of these diseases are infections (Bacterial, Viral and fungal).

Moreover, population ageing, increased life expectancy, widespread exposure to an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity mean that Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) are now the leading causes of death and disability worldwide, including in low- and middle-income countries. As a result, NCDs are growing in importance as a major public health issue in humanitarian settings.

Medical health care providers, doctors, researchers, scientist and patients consider the prevention of these diseases as an essential requirement to improve the general health status of the people in the subtropical regions and developing countries. The essential emphasis on prevention requires a greater reliance on the social and life sciences. Realizing this situation and keeping in mind the need to start and promote various initiative and potential researches, Faculty of Medicine Syiah Kuala University organizes the 2nd Syiah Kuala International Conference on Medical and Health Science 2018 focusing on tropical medicine and non-communicable diseases during September 7-8, 2018 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. . It provides a forum for knowledge and experience exchange and invites clinical experts, public health practitioners, medical scientists and researchers, decision makers and stakeholders from all part of society and all regions of the world to share their knowledge, experiences, concepts, best practices, and critical analysis with their international peers.

Aim and Scopes

SKIC-MHS 2018 aims to bring together the scientist of health and medicine with resources to disscuss the scientific knowledge, intellection and research and especially to improve health status and qualification of care for individuals, families and communities in the scientific environment. The scope of the conference is given below:

1. Tropical medicine

Tropical medicine encompasses conditions that occur solely in the tropics, as well as those that are common to control in the tropics, which might include a range of communicable diseases. Communicable diseases include a number of infectious diseases and parasitic diseases includes but is not limited to AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), Amebiasis, Bacterial and viral pneumonia, arbovirus (Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Zika virus), Malaria, zoonotic diseases and so forth.

2. Tropical non-communicable diseases

Tropical non-communicable diseases covers principally chronic non-infectious diseases occurs in the tropics. This often include a number of chronic diseases of growing importance in the tropics, including surgical and non-surgical fields such as heart and vascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases, diabetes and endocrine disorders, neurologic abnormalities, etc.

3. Epidemiology and public health

Epidemiology and Public Health covers scientific perspective of community aspect of tropical health and medicine, including particular groups of interest such as adolescents, elderly, or women are included. Aspects of general and clinical nutrition, occupational health services, health policy and management, health economics and health behavior and health education, health disparities are also included in this category.

4. Biomedical research in tropics and non-communicable diseases

Biomedical research aim to answer scientific questions about tropical and non-communicable diseases regarding basic medical sciences such as biomolecular, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology and sport medicine and pharmacology.

5. Psychology and mental aspect in tropics and non-communicable diseases

This topic explores the long recogized, yet neglected, substantial interactions between tropical diseases and psychiatric  illness. We provide a platform for scientific dissemination on the impact of biological factors in the field of cross-cultural psychiatry, in addition to psychosocial factors.

6. Tropical nursing

This topic provide a scientific platform for nurses and midwives who work in tropical and resource-poor situations, to disseminate knowledge and understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment practice of major tropical diseases and the cultural, structural and organisational aspects of working in tropical and resource-poor situations.

Keynote Speaker


Hermes Palace Hotel Address: Jl. T. Panglima Nyak Makam, Lambhuk, Ulee Kareng, Lambhuk Ulee Kareng, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23117 Phone: +62 651 7555888

  1. Prof. Ova Emilia, MD (OB/GYN), M.Med.Ed, PhD: Gadjah Mada University
  2. Aldy Safruddin Rambe, MD (Neurologist), PhD : North Sumatera University
  3. Rajuddin, MD (OB/GYN), PhD : Malikussaleh University
  4. Fahrial Syam, MD (Internist), MMB, PhD, FINASIM, FACP : University of Indonesia
  5. Herlambang, MD (OB/GYN), PhD : University of Jambi
  6. Achdiat Agoes, MD (Neurologist), PhD : Islamic State University Malang
  7. Fitranto Arjadi, MD, MMed, PhD : Jenderal Soedirman University
  8. Dr. Sc. hum. Budi Aji, BsPH, MSc : Jenderal Soedirman University
  9. Prof. Dra. Hardani Widhiastuti, MM.Psychology, PhD : University of Semarang
  10. Hizir Sofyan, PhD : Syiah Kuala University
  11. Kartini Hasballah, MSc, Pharm, PhD : Syiah Kuala University
  12. Wisma Arif Harahap, MD (Surg), PhD : University of Andalas
  1. Prof. Dr. Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia)
  2. Prof. Hung Cheng Lai, MD, PhD (Taipei Medical University, Taiwan)
  3. Prof. Kieran J. Fogarty, PhD (Western Michigan University, the United States)
  4. Suhartono, MSc, PhD (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  5. Teuku Reza Ferasyi, DVM, MSc, PhD (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  6. Al Azhar, DVM, MSc, PhD (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  7. Mudatsir, MMed, PhD (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  8. Harapan, MD (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  9. Teuku Heriansyah, MD, PhD (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  10. Rina Suryani Oktari, BSN, MSc (Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia)
  11. Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Asmadi Yusof, PhD (Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, Malaysia)
  12. Assoc. Prof. Keyna Bracken, BSc, MD (McMaster University, Canada)
  1. Assoc.Prof. Kurnia Fitri Jamil, MD (Internist), MMed, PhD
  2. Jufriady Ismy, MD (Urologist), PhD
  3. Dedy Syahrizal, MD, MSc, PhD
  4. Rezania Razali, MD, MBiomed
  5. Amanda Yufika, MD, MSc
  6. Syahriza, MD, MIPH, MHM

Call for Paper

The 2nd SKIC-MHS 2018 invites the participants to submit Full paper to the Organizing Committee by July 5, 2018. Accepted Full paper will be selected to be presented in oral or poster presentation. All presented papers (oral or poster) in the 2nd SKIC-MHS 2018 have a chance to be published in the SCITEPRESS Proceeding and International Journal indexed by SCOPUS (Indonesian Biomedical Journal) with an additional publication fee. We also prepare a proceeding with ISSN to publish the non-selected articles

Manuscript Submission

To submit the full paper, author must register first (menu "Registration"). Authors are asked to prepare their papers using Microsoft Word, according to the Scitepress guidelines and templates. Full instructions on preparing your paper, along with templates, can be found on The Scitepress Guidelines and Template. Then you can submit your Full Paper by logging in to registration site. The whole submission process is done fully online through Open Conference System (OCS) Syiah Kuala University (NOT by email) to guarantee smooth administration.

Important Dates

Full paper submission deadline August 15, 2018

Notification of paper acceptance August 20, 2018

Presenter registration deadline August 25, 2018

Conference date September 7-8, 2018

Registration Fee and Payment

Done fully online through Open Conference System (OCS) Syiah Kuala University (NOT by email) to guarantee smooth administration.

Indonesian presenter *
Indonesian presenter (Student) *
Indonesian participant
Indonesian participant (Student)
International presenter *
International participant
*Additional fee for acepted paper will be informed later Register

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The 1st Syiah Kuala International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

May 11, 2017 – May 12, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome all the participants of The 1st Syiah Kuala International Conference on Medical and Health Science (SKIC – MHS) 2017.

This conference was organized by the Organizing Committee, consists of the staffs and alumni of Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University. The committee has been working together to hold a series of events to celebrate the faculty’s 35th anniversary: Public Speech, International Conference, Workshops, and Family Gathering. All of these aimed to streghten the bond among the alumni, and improve the quality of our beloved school at the same time. This conference in particular, signifies the achievement of the Organizing Comiittee in bringing together scholars from all over the world to promote research environment.

This conference brought together speakers and participants from four different countries: Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, and Indonesia as the host country. The expected attendees will be experienced researchers, clinicians, faculty members, as well as medical students. In regards to the topic, this conference will cover quite broad topics in medical: infectious disease, non-communicable disease, cancer, emergency medicine, health finance, and medical research.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we hope that participants can take this opportunity to expand their network and establish collaborative ties with speakers and participants coming from other countries. We are looking forward to welcome you all in the 1st Syiah Kuala International Conference on Medical and Health Science (SKIC – MHS) 2017, and wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Banda Aceh.

Thank you.

Dr. dr. Jufriady Ismy, Sp.U
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

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