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Accumulation of Pb and Zn in mollusk bivalves, Geloina erosa and its growth patterns in mangrove ecosystem of Reuleung, Aceh Besar District, Indonesia
Suhendrayatna Suhendrayatna, R Agustina, Elvitriana Elvitriana

Last modified: 2019-03-13


Heavy metals, Pb and Zn were detected and analyzed in soft tissue of mollusk Bivalvia, Geloina erosa and in water and sediment from the mangrove ecosystem of Reuleung, Aceh Besar District, Aceh during the end of December 2017. G. erosa were taken from 3 observation stations by purposive sampling captured during low tide. Concentrations of Pb and Zn in water were lower than those in sediment, soft tissue of G. erosa. All detected heavy metal concentrations were higher in sediment than in tissue of G. erosa. Pb levels were found highest at 12,995 mg/kg in sediment, while Zn content was 45.045 mg/kg. The accumulation of Pb in G. erosa was found very small at 0.0001 mg/kg, whereas the accumulation of Zn in G. erosa was found at 32.139 mg/kg. The G. erosa growth pattern showed a negative allometric pattern (b <3), this reflects a long-term accumulation of Pb and Zn by a shell of G. erosa

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