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Muhammad Rona Fajri, Cut Zahri Harun, Sakdiah Ibrahim

Last modified: 2019-03-13



Education management is an activity or the series of activities in the form of a management process of cooperation with a group of people who join in an educational organization to achieve the educational goals that have been set beforehand to be efficient and effective. The purpose of this study is to describe the management of educational institutions in terms of personnel management, curriculum, students, facilities and infrastructure, and financing. This study used descriptive method with a qualitative approach. Data collection was done by reducing data, presenting data, and drawing conclusions. The research subjects were the chairman of the foundation, the head of the dayah (mudir), the head of the madrasah, the deputy head of the curriculum and student affairs, the general treasurer, the boarding caretaker, and the teachers at Ma’had Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas. The results showed: 1) Personnel management was formed by the Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas Foundation to carry out learning activities. The Foundation formed a board of ma'had, then the board of directors appointed madrasa administrators. 2) Management of madrasah curriculum (MIT, MTsT and MAT) under Ma’had Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas has implemented the 2013 curriculum which has been combined with the ma'had curriculum. Ma'had Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas has developed the curriculum by combining the ma'had curriculum with the national curriculum. 3) Management of students at Ma’had Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas begins with recruitment through new student admissions (PPDB). Students take the selection held by the pesantren. Placement of new students will be grouped into learning classes according to gender, level and direction. 4) Management of facilities and infrastructure follows the standard of educational facilities and infrastructure. Ma'had Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas facilities are generally divided into two types, namely dormitory facilities and madrasa facilities. 5) The source of funding for Ma’had Daarut Tahfizh Al-Ikhlas comes from SPP, BOS, donations and waqaf (endowment). Financing management is managed by the foundation and management of the ma'had or madrasa. The management of the foundation does not have an RAPBS but the use of the budget is used according to the needs that have been set by the foundation.


Keywords: Education Management, Personnel, Curriculum, Students, Facilities and Infrastructure, Financing.

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