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Principal’s Managerial Competence in Improving Teachers Performance at State Junior High School 1 and State Junior High School 13, Banda Aceh
Muhaiyar Muhaiyar, Yusrizal Yusrizal, Bahrun Bahrun

Last modified: 2019-03-13


The purpose of  this research is to examine  the program, strategy, and obstacle faced by the principal in improving the teachers’ performance in the State Junior High School of Banda Aceh 1 and State Junior High School of Banda   Aceh  13.   This   research  uses   the descriptive method with a qualitative approach. The techniques for collecting data used in this research are an interview, observation, and documentation. The subjects of this research are the principal, the vice principal, and teachers. The result shows that: (1) the principal program in improving  the teachers’ performance has been developed, but it is not in detail and well- planned. The programs are implemented by the principal to improve the teachers’ performance; (2) the teacher performance improvement programs are done by applying the democratic leadership strategy; in the cooperation with teachers, the  principal usually  has discussion with teachers to find out the effective way to improve their performance in improving the learning process. The principal use persuasive approach to suggest the low performance teachers,   strict   behavior   and   character   to improve  their performance;  and (3) The obstacles faced by the principal in improving the teachers’ performance are: lack  of budget  for teacher’s training out of the official duty hour, inactive teachers, and the training result which has not socialized yet.

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