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Khairul Syahmega, Sofyan M Saleh, Teuku Budi Aulia

Last modified: 2019-03-13


The use of main road had caused the traffic and accident during the process of evacuation. Therefore, it is necessary to design some evacuation routes as alternative to distribute the people. The study aimed to design the tsunami evacuation route by using tree building method for the people in Meuraxa sub-district, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia. To identify the appropriate evacuation method, about 377 questionnaires were distributed to the people in the region by using stratified random sampling. The road map published by Bappeda Aceh was used to study the road network. Results showed that the best evacuation method for the community was vertical evacuation method. Since there were about 4 tsunami evacuation buildings (TEBs), the road networks were clustered into 4 and the destination node of each cluster was the TEB. A Dijkstra algorithm was built by using Ms.Excel application following the tree building method to find the shortest pathway of evacuations. The program was easy to run and could find the evacuation route quickly from any nodes. Then, the results of calculations were drawn as tree building of tsunami evacuation route.

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