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The Preparedness of the Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) of Aceh Disaster Management Agency in Facing Natural Disasters
Muzawir Amir, Ismail AB, Taqwaddin Husin

Last modified: 2019-03-13


The research entitled " The Preparedness of The Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) of Aceh Disaster Management Agency in Facing Natural Disasters" aimed to describe the level of preparedness of quick reaction team in facing natural disaster and also to figure out the effect of knowledge, attitudes, the effectiveness of exercise, and human resources on the preparedness of the quict respond team in facing natural disasters. The type of research used is a cross-sectional study design. The populations of this study were the all Aceh Disaster Management Agency (TRC) Team, which amounted to 107 people. The numbers of samples were taken by using a simple random sampling; thus, the numbers of samples taken were fewer than the populations. The data used were primary data collected in the form of questionnaires and secondary data were obtained through reports and books. The results of this study show that (1) The preparedness index of Aceh Quick Reaction Team  (TRC)  with a value of 95.94 belonged to very prepared category, (2) knowledge, attitudes, training effectiveness significantly influenced the preparedness of TRC personnel in responding to disasters in Aceh Province, (3) human resources consisting of age, sex and years of work did not significantly influence the preparedness of TRC personnel in dealing with disasters in the Province Aceh.


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