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Authors’ Instructions: Strategy To Improve The Potential Of Aceh Regional Bureau Of Logistic In Disaster Emergency Response As Support Of Humanity Logistic Distribution In Aceh Using Swot And Qspm Analysis Methods
Muhammad Nur Akmal, Muhammad Dirhamsyah, Yusa Abubakar

Last modified: 2019-03-13


Logistic Bureau has one of many vital functions in supporting logistical distribution during disaster emergency period, especially in disaster-prone countries such as Indonesia. This study was aimed to find out the roles and functions of Logistic Bureau in Aceh Regional as a supporter of humanitarian logistical distribution during the emergency response period and to develop alternative strategies to improve their roles and functions. This research was descriptive study embracing qualitative and quantitative design. The data used in this study included primary data and secondary data. Samples were determined by triangulation method. The research samples were Logistic Bureau of Aceh Regional, Aceh Provincial Social Service, Aceh Disaster Management Agency, and Headman of Dayah Timu Village, Pidie Jaya Regency. Data were collected by participatory observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation for the same data source simultaneously. These results then were analyzed descriptively based on the information in the study so they could be used to develop alternative strategies. The results of the research show that Logistic Bureau of Aceh Regional only has the role and function as the logistics manager at the moment. Aceh Provincial Social Service, commanded by Aceh Disaster Management Agency, is the one that is responsible for distributing the logistics during the emergency response. People affected by the Pidie Jaya earthquake in 2016 reported that the logistics distribution system was unfair between one village and another so that the community hoped that the distribution system could be improved. Alternative strategies compiled based on the results of the SWOT and QSPM analysis are: Logistic Bureau of Aceh Regional should collaborate with other government agencies, make a program, utilize strong ties with the local government, and increase the efficiency of facilities in distributing logistics by using Government Rice Reserves which are owned and warehouses owned by the Logistics Bureau that are spread in several Aceh Districts. If this is carried out, it is expected that the logistics distribution can be quickly and precisely distributed to disaster victims

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