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Developing Assessment Instrument for Integrated Science Process Skill (ISPS) in Fundamental Chemistry Course
Noviyanti Sarapina, M Adlim, Ibnu Khaldun

Last modified: 2019-03-13


In this research, the development of the instrument integrated science process skill (ISPS) in basic chemistry course in the form of multiple choices test. This study a Research and Development (R & D) with 3 stages, starting from; 1) the problem identification, examines the theoretical study and needs analysis, 2) the composing activities including planning, group meeting, expert validation, readability test, testing of small group and initial product, 3) evaluation activities, first field trial, product revisions, second field trial, analysis of items and final product revisions. The research subjects were students of 3rd semester (pre-service teachers) chemistry education department. Data analysis uses descriptive percentages and quantitative analysis. The ISPS aspects used are formulating hypotheses, defining operations, interpreting data/graphs, identifying/controlling variables and designing experiments. Fifty five (55) questions have been developed but after analysis discrimination index, difficulty index, validity, reliability analysis only 31 alid test items for ISPS instruments with a reliability value of 0.967 the criteria are very high.

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